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For over 70 years G&M Tex Ltd has designed, manufactured, tested and supplied power generation equipment for marine, industrial, military and offshore applications throughout the world. We are committed to qulaity, value for money engineering and technical excellence and aim to provide solutions to satisfy our clients’ specific requirements.

Corporate HQ

Sector Industrial – Corporate
Date 2008
Customer Bovis
Use Standby power in the event of mains failure
Peak lopping with export capability
Specification 2 x 1500kVA containerised roof mounted generators
2 x packaged substations
2 x 11KV to 400V step-down transformers
2 x 11KV ring main units
Full M&E installation with earth nests
Split construction for lifting onto roof
Equipment MTU engines
Marelli alternators
DSE controllers
Merlin Gerin switchgear

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Sector Industrial – Airports
Date 2002 – 2010
Locations Heathrow (6sets)
Edinburgh (5 sets)
Gatwick (3 sets)
London City (1 set)
Use Main power to runway lights during poor visibility
10cm radar support against mains failure
Specification Containerised and plant room installations
Form 4 type 6 switchboard
ASCO closed transition with “no break return to mains” including overlapping neutral
250kVA to 550kVA
Equipment Scania & Perkins engines
Newage alternators
DSE controllers
ABB switchgear

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Offshore Platform

Sector Industrial – Renewable Energy
Date 2010
Customer Areva
Use Standby power in the event of mains failure
Specification 2 x 150kVA generator in plant rooms
85db(A) @ 1m
Stainless steel bulk fuel tanks
Full G59 sync with mains capability
Gas fire suppression system
Integral load bank
Equipment Volvo engines
Marelli alternators
ABB switchgear
SDE controllers

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Nuclear Barges

Sector Marine – Special Vessels
Date 2010
Customer Confidential
Use Standby power in the event of main power failure on floating nuclear barges
Specification 4 x 1240 kVA gensets, twin start, RMRS classification, heat exchanger cooled
Equipment Mitsubishi engines
Newage alternators
ComAP controls

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Royal Navy Destroyer

Sector Marine – Navy
Date 2009
Customer BAE Systems Surface Ships Ltd
Use Emergency generators for the Type 45 UK Royal Navy Destroyers
Specification 6 x 250 kW radiator cooled gensets
Shock tested to MoD standards
Flaoting core radiator
Twin start hydraulic and electric
Equipment Cummins KTA19 engines
Newage alternators
Selco controls

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Case Study References

We have a PDF presentation with a wider set of case studies. You can also download our Corporate Presentation, as well as a presentation on our marine and industrial generators.

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