The RRS Sir David Attenborough (or Boaty McBoatface if you prefer)

The RRS Sir David Attenborough is a £200m state-of-the art research vessel for polar science. This incredible vessel houses G & M Tex packaged generators. This was the first British-built polar research vessel with a helicopter deck, and we are proud to say the generators were also manufactured and tested in the UK. This ship is an impressive 128 metres long with a displacement of some 15,000 tonnes.

Due to the extreme environment in which this vessel will operate, the generators had to be able to withstand a number of rigorous ambient conditions including temperatures as low as -35c.

This ship was built to be deployed in both Antarctica and the Arctic. With the ability to spend up to 60 days in the sea-ice collecting scientific data whilst accommodating 30 crew members and 60 scientists. This is one of the most sophisticated floating research laboratories to be working in these areas.

Boaty McBoatface hasn’t been forgotten as one of the marine gliders onboard has inherited the name.

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