Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3...

Testing is a crucial part of the G&M Quality Process and is something we take very seriously.

Our generators are expected to provide high quality, reliable AC power on demand whether for continuous baseload operations or for life-critical back-up systems. This is the first of three 836kWe marine gensets going into one of our test bays for a functional test of all alarms, shutdown and controls, a 4-hour heat run at 100% load and a 1-hour heat run at 110% load followed by step load and transient recovery tests. All these tests are carried out in the presence of a surveyor from Lloyd’s Register of Shipping in order to gain LRS certification of the generator in accordance with the vessel’s IACS class notation.

Every aspect of the generator is inspected by the LRS surveyor including scrutiny of our Fabrication Team’s LRS Welding Certificates and MPI test results for each weld of the base rail.

Quality, taken seriously.

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