HMP Custom Generator



Another set completed and ready for delivery! 850kVa Perkins 4008TAG1A engine, close-coupled to a CGT S6L1D-D4 single-bearing alternator.


  • Weatherproof acoustic container, designed to reduce noise levels to 65dB(A)@1metre
  • Air inlet and outlet, with 2-hour fire-rated dampers
  • External cable connection link boxes for outgoing power and control cables
  • 2-stage oxidation catalyst, and fire and smoke detection package
  • 2,000 litre/day fuel tank, complete with duty/standby pump set and fuel consumption meter
  • Fuel polishing assembly
  • ComAp Inteligen Basebox MINT and IV kit engine controller
  • IGS-PTM expansion module to enable interface with the BMS
  • ABB 1,600amp generator ACB equipped with LSI trip
  • 18,000 litres rectangular bunded bulk fuel tank with end roller shutter door, complete with a fuel polishing assembly
  • 10-hour factory works witness tests against a resistive load bank were carried out with the client and consultant in attendance



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